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My Stuff Ups With Silversmithing

I have been finding some learning curves with my new hobby silversmithing. I started to make a silver ring with a bezel setting so I could include a glass cab. I made the ring that went fine and I made the bezel and that was fine too. Then I had to solder the bezel to the ring that is when it all went wrong. Well doubt set in didn’t it Ha Ha!! Good old doubt, I was soldering the ring to the bezel and I believed it had soldered but then the doubt set in and I had to keep heating the join and then it happened.

Ring Error
Ring Error

I heated it too much and the ring bent up and that was that. Back to the drawing board. Oh well they say you learn by your mistakes.

Here are a few shots of my mistakes, Ooops!!!

Ring Error
Ring Error

So because of this I recently bought some copper to use instead of silver as I  thought that it would be cheaper to use until I got more experienced with working with metal. Well, I thought that soldering copper was the same as soldering silver but no it is not. When I ordered the copper solder I just assumed that it would be the same as the silver solder. It was different and it came in a stick form instead of wire. So I started to solder it like silver with my torch. All that happened was I got a big blob off solder on my join and it wasn’t running like the silver solder does. Well I was really frustrated then and didn’t know what to do. Then I stopped and thought about it and realised that the rods were for soldering irons. I was so upset, I thought that I was not going to be able to do what I wanted with the copper.

Then Jeff sat down with me and calmed me down and said lets have a look on the net. I don’t know what I would do with out him. So then we did and we found that copper is not that easy to solder with a torch. I continued with my search and came across a solution. Someone had put a post up with the same problem as I had. The suggestion was to flatten the solder with a hammer and then cut small pieces off with a metal cutter.  I went straight to it and it work. Yah!!! So know I have my solution and know I can make jewellery out of copper the way I wanted too.


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