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My First Attempt At Wire Wrapping

Recently, Jeff made some fused glass jewellery cabochons and asked me to make some jewellery with them. I really wasn’t sure what to do as I was used to making jewellery with stones that had holes in them. One thing I thought I could do was to wire wrap. I had never tried wire wrapping before but thought I would give it a go.

I have books on wire wrapping but I’m afraid that I find  I’m a person that needs to see someone do it rather than just get it out of a book. So I went on You Tube and looked at some video’s. I do find that you can get some good teaching video’s on You Tube.

Once I thought I got the hang of what I had to do I looked for some sterling silver wire. I came a cross some wire that wasn’t the size suggested, but I thought it would work any way. Then I attempted to wrap the cab, I found it a little fiddly but not too hard to do. It was actually quiet easy to do once I got the concept of the basics.

Wire Wrapped Glass Cab
Wire Wrapped Fused Glass Cabochon

This is a photo of my attempt to wire wrap a glass cab. I think that it worked out not too bad for my first go. What do you think????


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