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Cleaning Jewellery

The silver classes have been great for finding out new techniques such as this cleaning solutions for jewellery. It is simple and cheap to make up.

The following ingredients are needed.

  • 115 ml of dishwashing concentrate liquid
  • 1/2 cup of Cloudy Ammonia
  • water

Put the dish liquid and ammonia in a 500 ml bottle and fill with water then mix together. Make sure the bottle you use is not a bottle that was a soft drink bottle or anything that a child would think it was something to drink. Also mark the bottle clearly with a permanent marker so that you always know what is in it.

You can use this to clean all jewellery. Just put a little on an old tooth-brush and scrub your piece and then rinse off. It will leave your jewellery sparkling. To buff it up just use a soft cloth.

This solution is safe to use on gold, silver and precious metals.

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