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Chain Maille

I was looking on the internet for some projects to do, I came across this pattern for a bracelet using chain maille. It used a combination of pearls and jump rings.

It looked like a simple project so I decided to give it a go.

Out of my stash of jewellery bits and bobs I found some 7 mm silver jump rings, 4 mm black glass pearls and a silver parot clasp to make this bracelet.

So I was all set to make this bracelet. Well it turned out not as easy as I thought. Some of my jump rings weren’t the same size as others and also the pearls were slightly different as well. So because of the slight difference it caused a problem with keeping the jump rings closed when doing the pattern.

The pattern was a simple backet type weave with the pearls set between the jump rings.

Chain Maille BraceletAs you can see I finished it and it looks good but I think in future that I will always make sure that all my pieces are the same size.

Here is where I found the free pattern.

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