Purchased a Dual Tumbler

I used a tumbler for the first time at my last silver smithing class to polish the silver chain link bracelet I made. The tumbler seemed to polish my bracelet so quick.

So I thought that  I would do some research when I got home to find out about these tumblers. I spoke to Jeff about the information that I found including methods to polish glass.  Jeff became very interested in the tumbler when he reviewed the information on tumble polishing glass as this would make things easier for him as well. So we decided to go ahead and buy one with 2 barrels. This way Jeff could use one only for his glass work and I could use the other .

The information I found explained the different materials I needed to use to polish my jewellry. This required shot and a burnishing compound. It took a little while to work out how to use the burnishing compound as there was no instructions to explain how to use it for jewellery. So Jeff rang around and found out that I just needed to add a small amount of the compound in with the shot and a small amount of water.  I really hope this all works as I think it will save so much time.

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