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Twisted Stering Sliver Bangle

The last silver class I attended our project was a  twisted sterling silver wire bangle. This project was interesting and fun.

First I had to measure across my hand so the bangle would go over my hand and on to my wrist. Unfortunately I have arthritis and it made my measurement quiet big.

The next step was to measure the wires to length needed. Once I had all wires at the length I annealed them.

While doing the bangle I was quiet nervous, as you do have to be careful not to over wind the wires. You need to keep heat on to the wires so the wire will twist. It does require some of your creative juices, as you have to decide when to stop twisting and how you want the bangle to look.

This bangle required me to twist two small round  wires together using a vice and a hand drill. Once they were twisted I  then had to use a larger half round wire and attach it to the two twisted smaller wires. This was done with binding wire. Once the wires were attached, one end had to be soldered to secure the wires together. When twisting the larger wire with the smaller wires the heat had to be applied as the larger wire needed softening up so it would twist.  When I finished I put it on and I did find  the bangle a little big but I still think it looks great.

As you can see it turned out pretty good.

The materials used in this project were:

  • 1mm round wire
  • 2mm 1/2 round wire
  • Binding wire
  • hand drill
  • bench vice
  • easy solder
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