Aanraku Bails on Cabochons

Making Spiral Wire Drop Earrings – Copper Versus Sterling Silver Wire Part 2

Gluing the glass cabochons on to the spiral earrings. Hummmm!!!  There were lessons to be learnt.

We did find this a difficult task.

The glue we used was E6000  and we found that it took days for the glue to dry.

Another lesson  was not to place them on paper with the wire spiral facing down.

When we glued the cabochon onto the spiral wire earrings we should have placed them with the cabochon face down on the paper instead of the wire then they probably wouldn’t have stuck to the paper. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. LOL

Well, the next step was to clean them up. The first thing I tried was fine sand paper to clean the glue off but that just made a mess. It seemed like this was going to be a challenge.

They did advise on the tube to use acetone to clean of the excess glue but I didn’t want to do this because it may get under the silver and dissolve the glue altogether.

What I had to do was use a craft knife and cut the excess glue off and then buff the wire spiral up with the flex-shaft and a pink silicone bit.

This seemed to work, thank goodness. Then it just was a matter of adding an ear wire and they were done.

When researching for suggestions on what to use as a glue we found that some people said E6000 or Araldite Ultra Clear. If asked what to use, I think I would suggest Araldite Ultra Clear as we found that the E6000 went cloudy and took a long time to set so that wasn’t the result I wanted.

I don’t know if I would do these earrings again as I found them a lot of work and that is not economical.

You can read more on gluing with Jeff’s post Testing Glues for Aanraku Bails for Jewellery.

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