Glass Gallery West Wyalong

Exclusive Hot Glass Gallery in West Wyalong

Just recently Ann and myself made a trip to Adelaide in South Australia to see our son Mykel. It has been a few years since we had visited him, and he had purchased a new apartment, so another visit was overdue.

Anyway, on the way we had to pass through a town called West Wyalong in New South Wales. This is a town way out west and not somewhere you expect to find much in the way of glass work. Surprisingly, as we drove into town there was a road side sign for a glass gallery. Well, of course we had to stop and have a look.

Exclusive Hot Glass Gallery
Exclusive Hot Glass Gallery

The gallery is owned by Elaine Marshall and her family. It was opened in 2009 and is situated at 64 Neeld Street, Wyalong NSW.

On entering the gallery we were delighted to find a wonderful range of handmade glass bowls, plates and more, along with a great range of jewellery. It was a delight to look through her creations. I only wish I had been on the way home as we simply couldn’t travel and carry anything like a large glass plate or bowl, and there were a number calling for me to buy them. The prices were right so I look forward to getting back there someday.

Everything is made on site in her own studio. Unfortunately, we didn’t ask for a tour due to time constraints, but I am sure she would have obliged.

So if you are ever in this part of the world I strongly suggest you make the time to visit Elaine at her Exclusive Hot Glass Gallery in West Wyalong.

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