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Finding Silver Jewellery Making Tutorials

Looking for jewellery making and silversmith work video tutorials has been an interesting task. The videos I have found vary from free, which you usually have to watch on the site, to paying for them so you can download them for future reference. Both have proved to be valuable, so I would like to share them with you.

The following sites have useful tutorials on them –

You Tube

You tube is quite good but some of the silversmith tutorials are a bit hard to follow. However I have learnt a lot by watching some of them.


I have found this site really good, the free videos on jewellery making are very helpful. You can learn a lot here. They have topics such as polishing tools for use on silver, stamping on silver and liver of sulfur used to patina silver and many more.


This site has various media information on silver jewellery making. I have bought and downloaded videos from this site. The videos are very easy to follow and the people who do them explain things very well. The cost of the downloads are quiet reasonable. The videos I have purchased are ‘Making One Hour Rings’, ‘Stones Settings’ and ‘Making Bails’.

Art Jewelry

You can watch some basic tutorials here for free, again they are very easy to follow.

You will have to join these sites and they will send you regular emails on new info.

I hope you find these sites as interesting as I did. Oh, by the way, they have other tutorials on other crafts you may be interested in as well.

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