Bullseye Glass Training Videos

Most of the glass we use here at Rocket Rose Art is Bullseye COE 90. The only exception is a small amount of recycled glass used in some tests. This may change in the future, but for now we will stay with Bullseye.

One of the best things I found about Bullseye is the library of training videos they have online.

We have already posted a number of the free videos here on Rocket Rose Art, but there are several more available on their site, and many more again available in their Education Online section.

Now please be aware that I am in no way associated with Bullseye, nor am I being paid or receiving any remuneration for talking about their videos. I am talking about them purely because I believe them to be of excellent value and want to make you aware of what I believe to be a good resource.

Bullseye Free Videos

The free videos library includes 14 videos, at this time, covering things like the basics of glass cutting, kiln shelf preparation through to painting with frit. The subjects are well covered and you will get a lot of information from these videos alone.

Bullseye Education Online

Bullseye Education Online is a paid for service that gives you access to a large library, 50 at the time of posting,  of excellent educational videos. In my opinion, this service is a wonderful resource for anyone starting to work with glass.

Videos contain firing schedules, product info and useful links. Best of all, they are adding new videos continually. The only negative is that you have to watch them online and can’t download them for reference at your convenience.

At the time of posting the service is $39 US for a full year. That is great value for the information contained in the library, and I would recommend it to all budding glass workers.

Of course, once your subscription expires you can’t watch the videos any more, so make notes if you don’t intend to resubscribe.

Author: Jeff

Jeff's interest range from anything to do with science, the arts, philosophy, writing and much more. He is really a jack-of-all-trades, and probably master of none. However, working with glass and the arts are probably his main passion.

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