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Watch a Jewellery Artist At Work

Sterling Silver Aquarius Pendant

Searching the net I came across this video of a jewellery artist making a master piece out of silver.I was searching the net looking for some inspiration and ideas, when I came across this video.

It would be truly great to have this talent,”Well I can dream, can’t I”.

This video shows the detail in sculpting a piece of silver into a beautiful pendant. You can also understand the time and effort it takes to make such a pendant and why it cost so much to buy. It has really made me appreciate why these pieces cost so much.

To be able to turn a piece of metal into a beautiful piece of art like this really shows the creativity and skill of an artist.

Watch this video and see what is possible.

Sterling Silver Aquarius Pendant
Sterling Silver Aquarius Pendant

1 thought on “Watch a Jewellery Artist At Work

  1. great video sharing for the jewellery design

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