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My First Project With My New Square Mandrel

Square Mandrel with ring

Jeff and I went to Australian Jewellers Suppliers to purchase some new tools. While we were there we were shown a couple of different shaped mandrels. The square one appealed to me and the sales person said that they thought square rings were quiet popular so I purchased one. We also purchased a GRS bench mate I can’t wait to use this as well but that will be in another post.

The next thing is to decide what to make as my first project with the square mandrel.The stackable rings have been popular so I decided to make square ones and see if people like them.

The materials I decided to use were 14K rose gold 18 gauge wire, 14K gold 18 gauge wire and .925 18 gauge sterling sliver wire.

The first step was to make the rings as usual so I cut a length of rose gold wire, gold wire and the sterling silver. I thought that if I do 3 rings first then see how I go making the square rings.

Once I annealed the wires I then shaped them with a round mandrel to make sure they were the correct size. After doing that I could now shape them with the square mandrel. So I put them on the square mandrel and shaped them by marking the mandrel to the right measurement and then using a raw hide hammer, hammering them to shape. Once I had done that I put them in the tumbler to polish them.

When taking them out of the tumbler I noticed that shaping them with the square mandrel had left them with quiet noticeable marks on each corner of the inside of the rings.

Well now I needed to discover how to stop this from happening. So after doing some research I discovered that if I use some painters tape on the manderal it would protect the ring from being marked.  Putting this solution in process resulted in square rings with on marks, so all went well.

square rings 13062014
3 square rings – Rose gold, gold and sterling silver

So now I have 3 square stackable rings and they look and feel great on my finger.

4 thoughts on “My First Project With My New Square Mandrel

  1. they look great 🙂

  2. Thank you for your comment it is so encouraging

  3. Thanks so neat! I’ve never seen square rings like that but I love them!

  4. Thank you so much for your comment.

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