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Granddaughters Signet Rings

I was talking to my granddaughter and asked her what she would like for her birthday. She said she has always wanted a signet ring. So I decided to make her and her sister one each.

First, I browsed the net to see what styles of signet rings there were. The style that appealed to me most was the heart signet ring so that is what I decided to do. Once I picked the style I set out to make them.

So my goal is to make a signet ring  in silver with a 3ml  gemstone set in the corner of the heart.

The first thing I did was to use a heart template and market it  out on sheet silver metal and then using my metal saw cut and shape the heart. Next I needed to  decide where on the heart to drilled a hole for the stone. Using a 3ml heart bur I  prepared the holes for setting the stones.

I needed to make US sizes 5.5 and 5 rings so  I measured the heart and then worked out the amount of rectangular wire it would take to make these sizes.

Then I had to connect the heart to the wire.

So to solder the rectangular wire to the heart and get it to  fit snugly against it I filed a curve at each end of the wire.

I soldered one end of the wire to the heart then bent the wire around a ring mandrel then soldered the other end to the heart.

The next step was to shape and clean the rings.

Using a raw hide hammer and the ring mandrel I shaped and sized each ring. Once that was done I put them in the pickle for a few minutes. Once out of the pickle I cleaned and dried them. So now they are ready to sand and polish.

Using my sanding disks I sanded the rings smooth so no joins were visible. Then using my polishing mandrels I polished the rings to a shine.

Now all that was left was to set the stones. I chose an amethyst and a garnet CZs.

The girls were thrilled when I gave them their rings.

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