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Turning A 6.45ct Olive Green Zircon Into A Pendant

What shall I do with this beautiful olive green gem stone????

I decided to look through some garden books for an idea and saw a picture of a  plant that intrigued me. The swirls of the vine around the large main flower with smaller flowers around it was just the inspiration I needed.

Yes this is how I was going to design my pendant to include this olive gem.

Looking through my sterling silver wire supplies, I came across some pearl wire. I thought this is what I could use for the vine. Then I looked at my collection of gems and found some small white topaz stones these would be great for the smaller flowers and of course the olive green zircon would be great for the large flower.

So to creating my pendant!  I started by making my swirls with 2 even sized pieces of the pearl wire and soldered them together representing the vine. Then so I could use the gemstones as the flowers I placed the large setting for the green zircon in the middle of the swirls and then placed the smaller settings for the white topaz around it. It was all fitting together well.

I put a small piece of sterling silver tube at the top of the pendant for a bail.

Once the setting was ready and looking like what I imagined I placed the stones into the setting.

It looks great!!     


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