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First Time Filigree Pendant

Filigree Pendant

One of my jewellery things to do is to do filigree work. So I decided to make a start by making a filigree pendant.

The pendant I decided to do was to make a round circle pendant filled with a filigree design and put a square red garnet set in a round sterling silver setting set on top of the filigree.

The first thing to do was to make a sterling silver ring with round sterling silver wire. Once That was ready I cut some short pieces of sterling silver wire. Then I balled each end by holding it in the torch flame.

Once the wire pieces were balled on each end,  I then shaped them into an S shape with a Webber tool. I then arranged the S shaped pieces into the inside of the ring and then soldered them all together.

pendant soldered

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The next step was to solder the sterling silver round stone setting on the filigree.

Then to polish it. I Place it in my tumbler container and tumbled it for a couple of hours then once that was finished I dried it off and gave it a final polish next step was to set the square garnet.

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