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Cobb & Co Handmade Market Update

Cobb & Co Market

If you didn’t make it to the Cobb & Co Handmade Under the Stars artisan twilight markets, sadly, you missed out on a fantastic evening.

We were at the market last year and were very happy with the event on that occasion. There was a great turn out then, even though it rained, but this year has exceeded our expectations.

The day started out looking a bit miserable, overcast and wet. Our fear was that the event could be a wash out. Though last year was raining and still had a great attendance.

Anyway, we continued to pack up the gallery and get prepared, and as the day progressed the weather cleared up and the day turned out okay.

Cobb & Co MarketAt the Cobb & Co museum we setup, in a different position to last year, and prepared for the opening. Our test of the PayPal Here POS module resulted in the same as last year – the WI-fi connection was intermittent and probably not usable. We hoped for more cash customers than credit.

Suddenly, the market was open and the venue started filling, and filling. While I don’t know the actual numbers, my impression was that the attendance numbers were much higher than the previous year. And the atmosphere was fantastic. Plenty of smiles, laughter and a great interest in our stall.

Throughout the evening we answered numerous questions about what we do, where we are and much more. Many people being unaware of our gallery at Mt Lofty. So some great promotion of our gallery presence happening there.

We had a lot of interest in our new sepia plates that we create using a special type of decal we use. The decal, when fused to the glass, results in a rich sepia image. Our ability to personalise these with customers photos was particularly interesting to many. A number of people expressed interest in having plates personalised so we will see where that goes.

The only thing I wished we had on the night was more table space to display things better. Our single table was filled to the max, so a lot to look at. This made it harder for people to spend time looking around. Some spent a lot of time looking while others simply walked on, not being able to get to the table.

Yes, we did sell a number of items and over all we were very happy with the night, in the end exceeding our takings from the previous year. But the most exciting part of being there was the amount of interest in our gallery and appreciaton of our work, and the fact we are local artists to Toowoomba.

For sure, we will be there again next year.

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