Capped Decals! Will it Work? Fused Glass Tutorial

Decals fired on top of a fused glass piece is the normal process, though sometimes a little problematic. But how do the fusible decals go when capped with clear? That’s what this video is about.

I’ve chosen a selection of different types of decals and in this test, I’ll place them on opaque and capp with clear..

Project Information

Fused Glass Decals

In the YouTube video, you will find links to related videos, a chapter list with time stamps, and links to more resources.

Don’t forget, the glass I use is Bullseye 90 COE. I use Thinfire fiber paper on the shelf, but when fire polishing on my shelf, and slumping in moulds, I spray with boron nitride mould release.

This is just a test I’m making for an idea I have for a final piece. I needed to make sure I could fire decals when capped, and just what they looked like once fired.

I’ve chosen a number of decals for this test. A fusible decal of the type you can print yourself in a laser printer, gold accent decals, full-colour decals, and decal paper.

My base, and the glass the decals will be attached to, is opaque white. This will be capped whit clear. All 3 mm thick.

The schedule I used is below.

The end result was a little disappointing. Have a look in the video to see what I mean.

If you have any questions please ask in the comments section on YouTube.

Full Fuse Firing Schedule

  • #1 – 222 C (432 F) up to 535 C (995 F), hold 60 minutes. Vent the kiln to allow fumes to escape.
  • #2 – 333 C (632 F) up to 670 C (1238 F), no hold
  • #3 – Full up to 730 C (1345 F), hold 10 minutes
  • #4 – Full down to 482 C (900 F), hold 60 minutes
  • #5 – 65 C ( 149 F) down to 425 C (797 F), no hold
  • #6 – 132 C ( 270 F) down to 371 C (700 F), no hold

2 thoughts on “Capped Decals! Will it Work? Fused Glass Tutorial”

    1. Hi Bonnie Jean
      That video is part of the test videos available to members. Simple answer though, yes it does work, with some decals. You should try it with a small sample.

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