Download Versus Print ‘n Ship

Some products, such as our Sepia Decals, have a couple of delivery options.

Download Only

This option gives you the ability to download all the relevant files, immediately after purchase. No shipping involved.

Depending on the product you have purchased, there may be multiple files.

You will receive an email with links to download the files, and if you have an account with us the links will also be available on your order.

Print ‘n Ship

For some products, such as our Sepia Decals, we have an option to Print ‘n Ship.

This simply means that we will print the decals on laser decal paper and ship them to you, ready for use. There are no files to download.

This saves you having to go through the steps of purchasing the decal paper, downloading the decal image, manipulating it in a graphics package if necessary, and finally printing the decals. And if it goes wrong in the printer, potentially wasting the decal paper.

If you don’t have a laser printer, or don’t feel comfortable with the process, consider using the Print ‘n Ship option.

Download + Print ‘n Ship

And if you would like the best of both worlds, get a copy of the files as well as have us print the decals and ship then to you, choose the Download + Print ‘n Ship option. In this way you can still get the downloadable file, but we will also print your decals and send them to you.

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