For Creators

We just love to think we have something to offer all of you creators. If we can help in any way, that makes us happy. If you can’t find it here then please just ask through our Contact Us page and we will do our best to help.

BlogWe already have a lot of information on our Blog that will be of interest to anyone interested in glass fusing and jewellery making. While we may be a bit slack sometimes and there is a bit of gap between posts, stay tuned and we will always be back.

ResourcesOur Resources pages are growing as we add more informational pages, tutorials, videos etc. Again, if you would like to see us do a particular video or add some information on a page then please let us know.

SuppliesOur Supplies shop is also a work in progress. We love finding new items or tools that can be used creatively. We may never have the range of tools you can find elsewhere, but we sure hope we will have some real interesting supplies to stimulate that imagination.