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On this page you will find all of our information/news posts about Jefanite™, and our posts about our YouTube video tutorials on cutting and polishing Jefanite™.

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Video Tutorials

Dichroic Jewellery

Fused Glass Octagonal Dichroic Cabochon Faceted on Faceting Machine

Today I'll show you how I faceted a dichroic fused glass cabochon by hand on a faceting machine. This is...

Cutting a Crystal Dichroic Cabochon into an Oval Shape.

This is crystal dichroic material that will be cut into an oval shape...
Cabochon Cutting Video

Cabochon Tutorial, Cutting a Rich Blue Cushion Cabochon

The material I'm using here to cut this cushion cabochon promised something special. The rough had a rich blue colour...
Fused Glass Tutorial

Cabochon Cutting Tutorial, Seam Dichroic Fused Glass

This video tutorial covers me hand cutting a piece of seam, or banded, dichroic fused glass. This is something I...
Red Oval Cabochon

Cutting a Red Oval Cabochon from New Material

In this video tutorial I'll show how I cut an oval cabochon from some experimental rough material. This material is...
Fused Glass Tutorial

Exposing a Dark Blue Cabochon by Hand Cutting a Piece of Rough Dichroic Fused Glass

This piece of dark blue dichroic fused glass was hand cut into a long cushion shape. While it is dark...
Cabochon Cutting Tutorial

Hand Cutting a Blue Seam Teardrop Cabochon

This odd piece Jefanite fused glass was not initially thought to be of much value, But I persisted and cut...
Fused Glass Tutorial

Hand Cutting a Dichroic Fused Glass Cabochon into an Oval Shape

This is a dichroic cabochon as it came out of the kiln. Like many cabs straight from the kiln they...

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