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Download Versus Print ‘n Ship - Some products, such as our Sepia Decals, have a couple of delivery options. Download Only This option gives you the ability to download all the relevant files, immediately after purchase. No shipping involved. Depending on the product you have purchased, there may be multiple files. You will receive an email with links to download the […]
Ring Size Conversion Chart - Please have a look at our article on Determining Your Ring Size if you don’t know your size. Inside diameter (inches) Inside diameter (mm) Inside circ. (inches) Inside circ. (mm) Numerical sizes (US, Canada) Alphabetical sizes (Australia, UK, etc) 0.458″ 11.6 mm 1.438″ 36.5 mm 0 0.466″ 11.8 mm 1.463″ 37.2 mm 1/4 0.474″ 12 […]