Caring for Your Jewellery

Jewellery is not indestructible. It can be damaged. Gemstones and other materials commonly used in jewellery will scratch, wear, chip and even break completely. At the least, metals will tarnish and need cleaning. At the worst, settings will break and gemstones lost.

The message is simple: take care of our treasures.

Many of our daily activities can damage our precious jewellery. The chemicals in common products we use can hasten the tarnishing process or even damage materials.

We suggest the following to limit physical wear and tarnishing of materials –

  • Do not swim, shower, wash dishes or exercise vigorously while wearing jewellery.
  • Do not expose your jewellery to strong chemicals such as cleaning products.
  • Be careful with exposure to beauty products like perfume and hairspray.


Most jewellery will tarnish and require cleaning at some time. If you tend to wear your jewellery most of the time you will find it necessary to clean your jewellery more often.

Because jewellery can contain a wide range of metals, gemstones and other materials there is no single method to clean jewellery.

We suggest you take your precious item to a qualified jeweller and ask their advice on the best way to clean the item.

Other than that, the safest way is to use clean water and a very soft cloth.

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