What is Jefanite?

Jefanite™ is the trade name for a material that is created by Jeff through a special process he has developed. The exact process is a little complicated, but Jefanite™ material is basically made by using a high quality substrate that has had up to 50 layers of exotic materials crystallised onto the surface in a vacuum chamber. Those exotic materials include, but are not limited to, gold, silver, titanium, chromium, zirconium and magnesium. That crystallised surface in composition is very similar to natural gemstone material.

This material, like some natural gemstones, opal in particular, generally exhibits pleochroism, that is the ability to display different colours from different angles. It often displays many colours, but sometimes it is limited to just a couple of dominate colours.

Just like any natural rough gem material, this material then has to be carefully inspected to determine the ideal way to cut and shape it to get the best result.

Jefanite™ gems can be almost any shape and can have a range of finishes.

Shapes will range from standard shapes such as diamond, oval, triangular, square and rectangular, through to other less common shapes such as chevron and shard, or something completely non-uniform and more free-form. The shape surface can then be refined with facets, symmetrical or asymmetrical, or simply rounded as found on most cabochons.

Finishes can range from the rough gemstone unfinished surface through to a high polish.