General Tutorials

These tutorials cover subjects that are not specifically covered in other categories, or where the subject crosses categories. For example, working with Laser Decals is a technique use for glass art or for pendant etc in jewellery.

How to Add Colour to Your Sepia Decals - While the sepia decals look fantastic on their own, you may wish to at least highlight a particular element in your design with some colour. There are a couple of methods I will suggest here, and they each have pros and cons, but more importantly I am giving you just some starting points. With a […]
How to Apply Sepia Laser Decals to Fused Glass - In this tutorial I cover the application of decals to fused glass, but these decals can be applied to other materials such as glazed ceramics, other glazed earthenware and even enameled copper jewellery and more. The processes covered in this tutorial can usually be applied to these other materials, as long as you pay attention […]
How to Create Sepia Decals with Laser Decal Paper - This tutorial assumes you have purchased the Laser Decal Paper available in our Supplies store. The laser decal paper we sell is the Fired-On brand. All instructions on this site are specific to that brand of paper. While some of our instructions will be relevant to other brands of decal paper, we strongly suggest you […]