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Finding Silver Jewellery Making Tutorials

Looking for jewellery making and silversmith work video tutorials has been an interesting task. The videos I have found vary from free, which you usually have to watch on the site, to paying for them so you can download them for future reference. Both have proved to be valuable, so I would like to share them with you.

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Our First Craft Market

A little while back Ann and myself decided to give the local craft markets a go. Reluctant to give up our weekends we sort of resisted the idea for a bit, but a few factors kept pushing us to give it a go.

After some thought the idea started to grow on us. The whole concept of marketing our work and actually, maybe, selling some work were both big factors. We do want to build Rocket Rose Art so that it does supplement our retirement so we made the choice to give the markets a go and see what response we received.

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