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Fused Glass Clock for Jacob

Fused Glass Clock

My first attempt at a clock worked out fine, for a while at least. That is until the clock fractured through the hole I had drilled the hole for the movement. It was hanging on the wall in the studio at the time so you can guess what happened when it hit the concrete floor.

Time has come for another clock. This time as a gift for my grandson Jacob.

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‘Flawed Physics’ – Fused Glass Bowl for Mykel

Flawed Physics Fused Glass Bowl

A little while back I told my son Mykel I was going to make him a bowl for his new apartment and asked what he would like. Well, if you knew my son you would not be surprised when he asked for a bowl with the entire number for Pi on it, and in a blue theme. Yes, the entire number.

As I am sure you are aware that number is considered to be infinite. I definitely couldn’t make a bowl big enough for that, but not to be beaten I accepted the challenge and did come up with a compromise.

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Glass Cutting Video by Bullseye

The instructional videos by Bullseye Glass are hard to beat. In this video you will find the basics for cutting glass, as well as great information on tools, types of glass and even cutting circles. Well worth a view for beginners, and even a refresher for not so beginners.

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Modifying a Standard Tile Saw for Glass

Tile Saw

As usual, being on a budget, when it came to buying a tile saw I opted to visit the local hardware and see what was on offer.

A little unsure about exactly what I needed, as I hadn’t actually done any sawing of glass with a diamond saw, I looked over the various saws available. Surprisingly, they didn’t have that many, but the price difference was substantial.

Guess what? I chose the cheapest saw and hoped for the best. Things didn’t go quite to plan, but they didn’t work out too bad either.

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The Beetle Bits Glass Cutting Station

Glass Cutting Station

Just a quick post to show you our cutting station. This is where all of our glass is cut and prepared.

When we started we didn’t have a cutting system and just cut directly on the table. If you look closely you will see a wooden ruler that I screwed to the table as a guide. In addition I used a carpenters square for cutting straight pieces etc. It worked, sort of, but had some failings.

I was endlessly cleaning up glass slivers and chips after cutting and sometimes during. If I didn’t clean it up I found my self laying new glass down on small slivers that I am sure scratched the new pieces, and certainly made the piece unstable. The carpenters square was too heavy and made it difficult to manipulate the glass. It also tended to slide when I was cutting and caused me to go off line.

It became obvious this had to change.

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