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A Quick Update

Yes, I know. Why haven’t we posted anything much recently. It’s coming.

Been very busy trying to get our site and social media accounts working better.

Have spent time in developing the Supplies section of our store here. Listing cabochons and making it synch with our Etsy store. Many more supplies to come.

Have tided up the site generally, linking to our social media accounts and making sure everything is synced. You will find a shop on our Facebook account that mirrors our site here, listing everything. But you can only purchase through our store here. Have also improved the checkout from our store to better connect with PayPal, making the checkout much simpler.

Check out our new Resources section. This will be developed over time as we add content, including tutorials, and it also links to our video resources on YouTube.

And on our YouTube channel you will find a bunch of videos, including our new Welcome Video.

Please have patience with us. A few good posts coming very shortly.

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I called it a Fertility Bowl!

Fused Glass Fertility Bowl

My guess is that you’re wondering what the heck a Fertility Bowl is. Well, study the bowl for a few moments and I am sure you will understand why I called it that.

I didn’t intend to make a ‘fertility bowl’. It just seemed to evolve. Anyway, read on and I hope you enjoy.

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Making a Fused Glass Part Sheet

Fused Glass Part Sheet

If you are not already familiar with part sheets, they are simply custom made sheets of glass with some sort of pattern. The pattern could be anything, even plain colours if you desire.

These sheets are then cut up and used as components in some other project, such as a central feature in a glass bowl.

Anyway, this post is about creating a part sheet using powdered frit. Continue reading Making a Fused Glass Part Sheet

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Fused Glass Features for a Fireplace Mantle

Fuse Glass Fireplace Mantle

This is a simple little project that may give you some inspiration to use fused glass in new ways.

In our home we have a brick fireplace that has always looked quite bare. It has no mantle and really looks unfinished. So for a few years I have been looking for a suitable fireplace mantle to finish it off.

Finally, I found a very cheap, $20,  secondhand mantel that could do the job.

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