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Fusing a Part Sheet Platter ‘Magic Flying Carpet’

Fused Glass Platter

Wishful thinking on my part! Always wanted a magic flying carpet. Off to mysterious lands and all that. Well, this glass fusing tutorial for a platter, that includes a section from a part sheet, may not create a real flying carpet, but it satisfies something inside me.

So, I had this part sheet I made back a bit (see this post Making a Fused Glass Part Sheet), and the pattern just reminded me of an oriental carpet. That’s the inspiration. So here’s how I put it together.

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The Importance of Clean Glass

You know how sometimes you know you probably should do something, and do it properly, but you don’t? Well, I am very guilty of that.

While I have been cleaning my glass before firing, I probably haven’t been doing it as well as I should. I suspect that lack of attention to cleanliness is partly causing some of the devitrification problems I am having with my fused glass.

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