Gemstones, the Facts and the Folklore

Gemstones in all their forms are not only beautiful and held to be valuable, they are also historically and culturally significant. They have played important roles in most, if not all, cultures throughout history. And still today they are held in great regard in modern cultures.

As a jewellery maker you need a good understanding of the materials you use. These resources are here to help you with that task.

In this part of our resource library we will cover gemstones in detail, from their geology to their part in history and folk lore.

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Just Opened our Supplies Store


We are excited to announce that we have just launched a new store on Etsy for creative supplies.

Rocket Rose Art Supplies

Fused Glass Cabochons
Fused Glass Cabochons

We have listed all the beautiful small cabochons we used to have on our main store. These are mainly used for stud earrings.

It is early days but we intend to be listing much much more.

The type of things we hope to list are beading supplies that we find and believe are interesting, semiprecious and precious gemstones, glass fusing supplies, found objects and almost anything we would find interesting that can be used in your creative endeavors.

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