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Making Fused Glass Part Sheets

Fused Glass Video Tutorial

Fused Glass part sheets are extremely versatile and can be used in many projects to create an entirely unique piece. In this video tutorial I’ll show you how I make two styles of fused glass part sheets. These can be used in your larger fused glass projects and in a later video I’ll show you how to use them to make unique cabochons for jewellery.

The video description contains links to related videos, a chapters list with time stamps and links to more resources.

I hope you find it useful and it helps you improve your skills.

Fused Glass Part Sheets

How to Add Colour to Sepia Decals

While the sepia decals look fantastic on their own, you may wish to at least highlight a particular element in your design with some colour. So in this article I will show you how to add colour to sepia decals.

There are a couple of methods I will suggest here, and they each have pros and cons, but more importantly I am giving you just some starting points. With a little imagination and testing these methods can be expanded to produce some incredible results.

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I called it a Fertility Bowl!

Fused Glass Fertility Bowl

My guess is that you’re wondering what the heck a Fertility Bowl is. Well, study the bowl for a few moments and I am sure you will understand why I called it that.

I didn’t intend to make a ‘fertility bowl’. It just seemed to evolve. Anyway, read on and I hope you enjoy.

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Trying Colour de Verre Moulds for Jewellery

Colour de Verre Moulds

For some time I have been meaning to try a Colour de Verre mould for small fused glass jewellery pieces. Well, I finally made the time and you may, or may not, be surprised to find that using the moulds is not quite as simple as thought.

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