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Making a Geometric Design Fused Glass Chinese Bowl

Fused Glass Chinese Bowl

This little fused glass bowl started out, in my head, as a very balanced and uniform geometric design, but ended up a lot more random. But I think that’s the beauty of glass art, you can just adapt to your design whims.

At least, to a point. I suppose the glass does dictate a little, but there is so much you can do with glass. More than you may realise.

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A Strip Construction Glass Fusing Part Sheet

Strip Construction Part Sheet

Glass fusing part sheets are a great way to add interesting elements to your pieces. They can be used in so many ways. It all comes down to your creativity.

In this glass fusing tutorial I will cover just one method to make a part sheet. It is simple, but very flexible and gives you many choices as far as colour combinations etc. The method is strip construction.

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Clear Capped Cabochons

Clear Capped Cabochons

In this firing I tried making cabochons with three layers of glass. This probably is a more normal method, capping with clear glass, so I expected this to work well and with few issues. As usual, I added a few other bits to see what happened.

This probably going to be my approach always; adding extra bits to fill in space and for testing. Making good use of the space in a kiln is surely much more economical and a good practice to adopt, but thinking of what to include does take a bit of thought.

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