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Will this cabochon cut well? Jewellery Cabochon Cutting

Cabochon Tutorial

Will it cut well? In this cabochon tutorial I have an interesting but odd shaped piece that I think will cut a nice cabochon. It is a bi-colour piece of rough with a deep rich blue and a golden pattern with flashes of green. It does have a couple of bubbles but nothing I think will be a problem.

It would be best as a cushion shape, but I think it will be an oval. Have a look to see what happens as I cut it.

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Dop Sticks – Why and How We Use Them

Dop Sticks

Using Dop Sticks used for holding gemstones and other materials while grinding, shaping and polishing is a practice that has been around for many, many years. But still there is a little misunderstanding about why we use them and how to use them.

Hopefully, in this video I can shed some light on the subject. While I am not a seasoned lapidary, I have been using them for quite a while cutting Jefaniteā„¢ and other materials, and have developed a technique that I believe can be easily adopted by anybody.

Anyway, in this video I will talk a little about why we use them, what they are made of, how to attach your cabochon and how to remove it.

I hope you find it useful and help with cutting cabochons.

Using Dop Sticks
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Oval Cabochon Cutting from Blue Green Jefanite

Cabochon Cutting

This cabochon tutorial didn’t quite work out as I had hoped. The final stone was a little disappointing but still worth saving.

The rough piece looked great, though a couple of bubbles did make the cutting a little interesting.

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Cutting a Multicolour Cushion Cabochon

Cushion Cut Cabochon

In this cabochon tutorial I’m cutting a nice multicolour piece of Jefanite into a rectangular cushion shape.

The piece has good play of colour and in the hand is far better than in the video. While there are just a few hints of red, there are numerous other colours that make this a real collectable piece. Which is probably what will happen with it. It’ll go into my collection.

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Tour of My Equipment

Studio Tour

Recently, I’ve received a number of questions about the equipment I use and how I have it setup. So in this video I give you a little tour of my studio, and in particular the equipment I use when cutting and polishing cabochons, both Jefanite and glass art cabochons.

You will see that I have tried to find second-hand equipment where possible, and have recycled materials that I already own or have found in second-hand stores.

This isn’t always possible, and I do have to buy new equipment, tools and accessories sometimes. Things like diamond wheels and other consumables need to be purchased new as they do wear out.

Anyway, this video should give you some good ideas on setting up your own studio, and if you’re into glass fusing, this may also help.

Studio Tour