Diamond, Properties and More


Diamond is considered the hardest natural substance found on Earth. Though it is not the hardest substance. Lonsdaleite, for example, is harder, but it is found only in meteorites.

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Glossary of Terms

These terms are used in jewellery making and/or glass fusing. Where the meaning of a term is specific to one of these subjects this will be highlighted. Some terms may have multiple meanings.

CaratA measure of weight used for gemstones. 1 carat = 300 milligrams. The term carat being derived from the carob seeds used by early gem traders on the balance scales. The carob seed being very uniform in size.
FacetOne of the small flat surfaces of a faceted gemstone.
InclusionAn internal flaw in a gemstone that can reduce the clarity.
OctahedronA polyhedron with eight faces, twelve edges, and six vertices
PavilionThat part of a gemstone below the girdle.
PointWhen referring to gemstones, this is a measure of weight. There are 100 points per carat.
PolyhedronA solid in three dimensions with flat polygonal faces, straight edges and sharp corners or vertices.

YouTube Videos

Without a doubt, videos can be fantastic tools for demonstrating techniques, projects and much more. We understand this and intend to produce a range of videos for your pleasure.

As we grow in this area you will find a number of videos we already have published on our YouTube Channel here.

Glass Fusing Techniques for Artists

As glass fusing artists ourselves we understand the frustration with learning the hard way. Therefore, in this category of resources we’ll cover the many glass fusing techniques available to artists.  Our desire is simple, to make your life as an artist much easier and much more rewarding.

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Glass Fusing Resources

Glass Fusing is a fantastic hobby and it can be an enjoyable source of income. Plus there are many niches. For example, jewellery, sculpture and decorative glass  art. Learning the skills required to be successful can be a challenge, but we are building a  resource library to help you meet that challenge.

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Gemstones, the Facts and the Folklore

Gemstones in all their forms are not only beautiful and held to be valuable, they are also historically and culturally significant. They have played important roles in most, if not all, cultures throughout history. And still today they are held in great regard in modern cultures.

As a jewellery maker you need a good understanding of the materials you use. These resources are here to help you with that task.

In this part of our resource library we will cover gemstones in detail, from their geology to their part in history and folk lore.

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Other Jewellery Articles

This list of articles cover a range of subjects, not covered in our other categories. These are all related to jewellery. We hope you find them interesting and informative.

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Jewellery Maker Artist Resources

If you’re a jewellery maker we’re developing a library of resources just for you. Resources that will include reference material, techniques, tool and material discussions, tutorials and much more. And we will cover subjects like earring making, pendant making, bracelet making and similar.

You may only want to make your own jewellery, or you may want to start selling your jewellery. In either case we would love you to follow our journey and get involved by contacting us with your suggestions for useful resources.

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Sheet Metal Weight Calculator

Sheet Metal Weight

This table of sheet metal weights can be used as a sheet metal weight calculator to calculate the weight of a specific size of sheet. The weight can be in ounces, pennyweights or grams.

If you want to know the weight in grams, multiply the total in ounces by 28.35.

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Wire Weight Calculator

Round Wire

This table of wire weights per foot in ounces and pennyweights can be used to calculate the weight of a given length of wire.

To convert the factor from weight per foot to weight per metre, multiple the weight by 3.28084.

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How to Create Sepia Fused Glass Decals

This tutorial assumes you have purchased the Laser Decal Paper available in our Supplies store. The laser decal paper we sell is the Fired-On brand. All instructions on this site are specific to the Fired-On brand of paper. It is suitable for making both fused glass decals and ceramic decals. While some of our instructions will be relevant to other brands of decal paper, we strongly suggest you perform your own tests with all other brands.

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