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Bullseye Glass Training Videos

Most of the glass we use here at Rocket Rose Art is Bullseye COE 90. The only exception is a small amount of recycled glass used in some tests. This may change in the future, but for now we will stay with Bullseye.

One of the best things I found about Bullseye is the library of training videos they have online.

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‘Flawed Physics’ – Fused Glass Bowl for Mykel

Flawed Physics Fused Glass Bowl

A little while back I told my son Mykel I was going to make him a bowl for his new apartment and asked what he would like. Well, if you knew my son you would not be surprised when he asked for a bowl with the entire number for Pi on it, and in a blue theme. Yes, the entire number.

As I am sure you are aware that number is considered to be infinite. I definitely couldn’t make a bowl big enough for that, but not to be beaten I accepted the challenge and did come up with a compromise.

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Slumping a Glass Tray on Fibreboard

Fused Glass Tray

In a previous post I talked about making a fibreboard mold for slumping a fused glass tray. The post was all about the process I followed making the mold.

In this post I will cover fusing the rectangular piece for the tray and then slumping it to form the tray.

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Fibreboard Molds

Fibreboard Mold

Molds for glass slumping can get a bit expensive and a bit limiting in just what you can do. You can, of course, make you own molds using plaster, clay and fibre products such as board and mat.

The fibreboard product seemed to me to be a good alternative at a reasonable price. Looking at a few videos and tutorials it didn’t look that hard to do, but I found the information a bit sketchy.

Not to be deterred I decided to buy some fibreboard and give it a go.

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