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Fixing Staining under Cabochons

200 Grit Sanded Cabochons

Yet another mistake with using Super Spray. This one came about when fire polishing some fused glass cabochons for jewellery sets.

Each set consisted of a single pendant piece and a pair of drops for earrings. When I made them most turned out well, but a few had a little devitrification.

So I decided to grind off the devitrification and fire polish the pieces again.

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Fixing a Mistake with Super Spray

Grind Marks in Cabochon

In one of my attempts to fix devitrification on some of my fused glass cabochons I made a mistake. As a result of that I found myself trying yet again to rescue these cabochons.

So what was the mistake? It was to cover ground cabochons with Fuse Master Super Spray anti-devitrification solution. The result was the encasing of what appeared to be grind marks below what is otherwise a wonderful polished surface. I expected the glass to all fuse together and obliterate the grind marks, but I suspect the marks were simply too deep and minute air bubbles were trapped below the surface.

So now I find myself trying again to remove not devitrification, but those encased grind marks.

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