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Fusing a Part Sheet Platter ‘Magic Flying Carpet’

Fused Glass Platter

Wishful thinking on my part! Always wanted a magic flying carpet. Off to mysterious lands and all that. Well, this glass fusing tutorial for a platter, that includes a section from a part sheet, may not create a real flying carpet, but it satisfies something inside me.

So, I had this part sheet I made back a bit (see this post Making a Fused Glass Part Sheet), and the pattern just reminded me of an oriental carpet. That’s the inspiration. So here’s how I put it together.

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Bullseye Glass Training Videos

Most of the glass we use here at Rocket Rose Art is Bullseye COE 90. The only exception is a small amount of recycled glass used in some tests. This may change in the future, but for now we will stay with Bullseye.

One of the best things I found about Bullseye is the library of training videos they have online.

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First Slumped Fused Glass Bowl

Fused Glass Slumped Bowl

Hey, I’m getting game now. Time to try making a fused glass slumped bowl.

In our first purchase of materials we did purchase a couple of ceramic molds for bowls. As usual, we don’t do things by halves so we purchased the largest bowl that would fit in our Paragon Fusion 14 kiln. The kiln is square, so a square bowl seemed logical. To be honest, we did purchase 2 other molds that are smaller, so I do have moments of being reasonable.

The final design was the result of looking at what offcuts I had. We decided not to start using the large sheets we purchased initially, not until my skills improved, so I continue to try and use offcuts where possible. The design is a little geometric, but that’s the Rocketman in me. I develop software for a living so guess what, I tend to be logical and geometric designs are natural for me.

So how did it go?

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