About Us

Rocket Rose Art is a collaboration between Ann & Jeff Pritchard. We are artists local to Toowoomba in Australia.


Born in Australia, Jeff was raised in North Queensland amongst the rainforests, the Great Barrier Reef, crocodiles and all that the north holds. Still young he headed south to the big smoke and boarding school for a period. It was at boarding school where his interest in science and the arts developed. Those interests have continued to be a major influence throughout his life.

He considers himself to be just a little eccentric, but interestingly so. It is that eccentricity that has dictated many decisions in his life, including the choice to be self employed for the majority of his working life. Rocket Rose Art is a natural progression for him as he looks to again reinvent himself as he heads into his senior years.

English Rose

Born in England, Ann started her life in the county of Northamptonshire. While still young her family immigrated to Australia as Ten Pound Poms. The main influence in her life has been her parents. Her dad loved making toys and other fun items while her mum showed her creative side in different crafts.

Ann considers herself an old soul that should have lived in an earlier period. She loves the styles from those earlier times and hopes to bring them into her work. Through Rocket Rose Art she hopes to fill her life with aspects of those earlier periods, to share that with others and to inspire and help other artists.


Ann and JeffJeff Ann WeddingJeff and Ann met by chance in a club in Australia back in the early 80’s.

“She was sitting at a table looking lost, lonely and bored. I just had to say hello.”

It was soon obvious they had quite different interests, but despite, or because of, their differences that meeting resulted in a family of five. Happily married for over 30 years, children off doing their own thing, they now bring those different passions, and a few shared passions, into the Rocket Rose Art venture.

Rocket Rose Art

Rocket Rose Art is a meld of Ann and Jeff’s personalities and passions. Their shared interest in craft generally, but more specifically working with glass, gemstones and creating beautiful art drove them to embark on a new adventure.

“We struggled with deciding what we were about, mainly because of our varied interests. Eventually, we decided to embrace those differences and not focus on any specific style, but to just let all our interests dictate what we do as we do it. We think this will be a lot more interesting for us and our visitors.”

Rocket Rose Art is all about creating beautiful art. Not specifically with glass or jewellery, but whatever takes their fancy. This may seem a little unfocused, but that is simply the way they are.

Their goal is simply to create beautiful things and have heaps of fun doing it. They would love to inspire others with their dreams and help them achieve those dreams.