“Just being creative”

Being creative has to be one of the most rewarding activities anyone can undertake. It doesn’t matter what the medium, just that you create something unique that comes from a place inside we all find hard to describe.

Ann and myself (Jeff) have worked together in our business for over 20 years. We are together 24/7, either at work or at home, and still we love being together and find ourselves a little lost if the other half isn’t there. But the business I am talking about is in IT – computers and software. We love it, but there is little creativity to warm the heart.

So we both needed to find a way to express ourselves. Ann had always wanted to try working with silver and copper, and I had a strong interest in mediums like wood, ceramics and glass. It didn’t take much for us to realise we could combine these interests and be creative together.

Hence, the birth of Rocket Rose Art. I am Rocketman, Ann is the Rose. It really is a case of Rocketman (a dream of mine) meets English Rose (she is from England). And the slightly odd name reflects the differences between us that results in a great mix and promises interesting things in the future.

Rocket Rose Art is young so we are still growing and learning, and shaping just what we are about. So this is a journey in progress.


Our Studio is a work in progress, changing as we work out what we need and what we want to do.

The studio at the moment is comprised of a glass fusing kiln and glass working area that I work in, and a silver and copper work area for Ann.

We hope you hang in there with us as we travel this journey, and please don’t hesitate to drop into our Shop Blog (link on the right) and give us your feedback, good and bad.