Glass Fusing Posts

Fused Glass Reaction Samples

Making Fused Glass Reaction Test Samples

In this fused glass video tutorial I'll be showing you how I make some fused glass reaction sample strips. ...
Fused Glass Bowl Tutorial

Want to Make this Fused Glass Segment Bowl? Tutorial to Show How

In this fused glass video tutorial I'll be showing you haw I made this segment bowl. ...
Fused Glass Trinket Dishes

Making Two Fused Glass Trinket Dishes – A Project Tutorial

In this project tutorial on fused glass trinket dishes, I'll show you how I make two styles. ...

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Cabochon Cutting Posts

Cutting a Crystal Dichroic Cabochon into an Oval Shape.

This is crystal dichroic material that will be cut into an oval shape. ...
Cabochon Cutting Video

Cabochon Tutorial, Cutting a Rich Blue Cushion Cabochon

The material I'm using here to cut this cushion cabochon promised something special. The rough had a rich blue colour with flashes of gold and pink. ...
Fused Glass Tutorial

Cabochon Cutting Tutorial, Seam Dichroic Fused Glass

This video tutorial covers me hand cutting a piece of seam, or banded, dichroic fused glass. This is something I made as an experiment. It's a mix of opaque and crystal, and hence needs to be set in tha appropriate setting. ...

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Recent Jewellery Posts

Silver Coin Bracelet

Making a Silver Bracelet with Pre-Decimal Coins

In this jewellery tutorial I talk about making a charm style bracelet with sterling silver and pre-decimal Australian silver coins. ...
Mohs Hardness Scale

Gemstone Moh’s Hardness Scale

The Moh's hardness scale refers to scratch hardness. The resistance of one mineral to be scratched by another. ...
False Confusing Gemstone Names

False and Confusing Gemstone Names

Some of the gemstone names we commonly use can be very confusing, and often costly to those unaware. For example, 'Indian Jade' is actually Aventurine, a form of quartz. The reference to 'Jade' is confusing and simply incorrect. ...

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