Tumbling Cabochons

Tumbling Fused Glass Cabochons for Fire Polishing, Project Tutorial

Fused glass cabochons can get a scummy bottom from the fiber paper or shelf primer, and devitrification on the top. To clean these up, you can use sandpaper or diamond pads, but an easy way is to tumble them with silicone carbide grit.
Sandblasting and decals

Sandblasting Your Glass? Apply Decals Before Fusing? Couple of good questions, Fused Glass Tutorial

Sandblasters. Do you need one for your fused glass projects? Can you attach fusible decals before a full fuse? Both are good questions.
Fusible Decal Project

Fusing a Wedding Photo onto a Platter, Glass Fusing Project Tutorial

How do you get a photo onto a fused glass platter or bowl? By turning it into a fusible decal and fusing it on. This is exactly what this video tutorial is all about.
Dichroic Glass Tip

Can’t work out which side the dichroic coating is on? This is my method.

With dichroic glass that is dichro on clear, it can be difficult to work out which side the dichroic coating is on. This is my method to determine which side the dichroic coating is on.
Making Fused Glass Cabochons

Making Dichroic Pool Cabochons, Fused Glass Project Tutorial

These fused glass dichroic cabochons have a pool-like effect. Like looking down through a pool of water to a dichroic bottom. Some of the dichroic layer breaks up and floats up the sides of the cabochon towards the top of the cab, to form the edges of the pool.
Vintage Decal Glass Fusing Project

Will a 40+ Year Old Ceramic Decal Work on Fused Glass? Project Tutorial

This 40+ year old ceramic decal has had a hard life. Will it still work, especially on fused glass?

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