Fused Glass Drop Vase Tutorial

Fused Glass Drop Vase, Third Attempt…SUCCESS or FAILURE?? Project Tutorial

Did it work? This is my third attempt at making a fused glass drop vase. If you watched the other two tutorial videos they ended in rather spectacular failures.
Fused Glass Pattern Bar Project

Fused Glass Pattern Bar Project

In this fused glass tutorial, we'll be making a pattern bar. I have a project in mind and for that, I need a pattern bar for the feature.
Fused Glass Stud Earrings

From Fused Glass Cabochons to Stud Earrings, Fused Glass Project

Some time ago I made a video showing how to make simple fused glass cabochons with some ideas for using them in fused glass jewellery. In this video glass fusing project tutorial I'm showing you how we take those cabs and make them into simple stud earrings.
Drop Out Vase

Wow! A Fused Glass Drop Vase to Remember, Fused Glass Tutorial

This video tutorial is about making a fused glass drop out vase using a ring mould.
Fused Dichroic Glass Slab

Scrap Dichroic Glass to Something Useful, Fused Glass Tutorial

n this video, I'm trying something new to reuse that dichroic glass scrap and make something that could be used for cabochons or as a feature in a project.
Fused Glass Puddle Cabochon Tutorial

Don’t Underestimate Puddle Cabochons – Glass Fusing Tutorial

In this video, I'll be showing you how to make puddle cabochons, but in a little more controlled way.

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