Fused Glass Project

Stack It! Fuse It! Love It? Fused Glass Project Tutorial

This glass fusing project tutorial is all about stacking glass and making a Japanese bowl. The technique is not hard but results in a beautiful piece.
Iridised Platter Project

Amazing Iridised and Dichroic Platter. Fused Glass Project Tutorial

In this tutorial, we'll be making a platter using iridised and dichroic glass. The technique is one I especially love as I'm sure you will.
Fused Glass Flow Bar Project

Flow Bowl? Skip The Bar! Fused Glass Project Tutorial

This fused glass project uses a flow/pattern bar technique to make a beautiful bowl. But it skips the need to cut up the pattern bar.
Fused Glass Spoon Rest Pattern

Strange Spoon Rest!? Fused Glass Project Tutorial

In this glass fusing tutorial I'll be showing how I made a fused glass spoon rest using a repurposed stainless steel mould..
Fused Glass Bowl Tutorial

Wow! I Really Like This One. Fused Glass Bowl Project Tutorial

This time, in this glass fusing project, I'll be making a fused glass Japanese bowl using slices from that pattern bar I made a little while ago.
Cutting Glass

Score, Snap! Oops! Things to Cut Glass With, Glass Fusing Stuff

In this video I'll be showing you all the things I use to cut glass. This includes trim saw, tile saw and a ring saw.

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