Resources for Jewellery Making and Glass Fusing

If you’re looking for great resources on jewellery making and glass fusing, then this the place for you.  We’re going to create some great resources. Things like reference materials, discussions on techniques and tools, product reviews, project tutorials, videos and much more. So please, try to come back often and we will have something new for you to review.

Glass Fusing Resources - Glass Fusing is a fantastic hobby and it can be an enjoyable source of income. Plus there are many niches.… ... more
Jewellery Maker Artist Resources - If you're a jewellery maker we're developing a library of resources just for you. Resources that will include reference material,… ... more
YouTube Videos - Without a doubt, videos can be fantastic tools for demonstrating techniques, projects and much more. We understand this and intend… ... more
Downloads - From time to time we will make available files for download. Some may have restrictions, others may be free for… ... more
Glossary of Terms - These terms are used in jewellery making and/or glass fusing. Where the meaning of a term is specific to one… ... more