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Just Opened our Supplies Store


We are excited to announce that we have just launched a new store on Etsy for creative supplies.

Rocket Rose Art Supplies

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Horizontal Strip Cabochons – Part 2

Horizontal Strip Cabochons

In Part 2 of this post I will cover making the actual cabochons. Part 1 covered making the part sheets that we will use for the small horizontal strips. If you haven’t read that, consider doing so, so you are familiar with how the part sheets were made.

So lets get on with making the cabochons.

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Horizontal Strip Cabochons – Part 1

Horizontal Strip Cabochons

The design for these fused glass cabochons is really very simple. They are just a couple of strips of solid coloured glass  along with strips cut from part sheets made according to the tutorial on the BullsEye website. By mixing colours and strips from part sheets a lot of variation can be achieved.

Due to the amount of work required to make these cabochons I have decided to break the process into 2 posts – one about producing the part sheets, another to cover the preparation and creation of the cabochons.

So first to make the part sheets.

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Layered Fused Glass Cabochons and More

Fused Glass Cabochons

Hope you are enjoying this journey and I sincerely hope that I haven’t bored you into saying goodbye. Please hang in there, things will get more interesting.

This was another full fuse for cabochons, some dots and a puddle. You may ask why another test. Well, I firmly believe that testing to see what happens is a great way to learn. The mistakes and the surprising wins all are great teachers.

In this firing we are trying different numbers of layers all together to see how they work together in a firing schedule really set for the bigger pieces.

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Full Fuse for Dots

Fused Glass Dots

My apologies, again, I forgot to take an ‘after’ photo of the firing, but you should get the idea from my comments.

This firing was just to create a stack of clear and black dots, as well as rescue a few that didn’t work in a previous firing.

My plan for the dots is to use them in other items as decoration. Clear dots on a colour, when fully fused, give the appearance of a hole in the item. Many together give a sort of honeycomb appearance. The black dots will make great decoration as well, resulting in a nice defined point of reference for the eye. Mind you, being really new at this I can imagine a lot more uses and I am keen to experiment with these.

Anyway, on with the firing.

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Clear Capped Cabochons

Clear Capped Cabochons

In this firing I tried making cabochons with three layers of glass. This probably is a more normal method, capping with clear glass, so I expected this to work well and with few issues. As usual, I added a few other bits to see what happened.

This probably going to be my approach always; adding extra bits to fill in space and for testing. Making good use of the space in a kiln is surely much more economical and a good practice to adopt, but thinking of what to include does take a bit of thought.

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