Jewellery Maker Artist Resources

If you’re a jewellery maker we’re developing a library of resources just for you. Resources that will include reference material, techniques, tool and material discussions, tutorials and much more. And we will cover subjects like earring making, pendant making, bracelet making and similar.

You may only want to make your own jewellery, or you may want to start selling your jewellery. In either case we would love you to follow our journey and get involved by contacting us with your suggestions for useful resources.

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A Quick Update

Yes, I know. Why haven’t we posted anything much recently. It’s coming.

Been very busy trying to get our site and social media accounts working better.

Have spent time in developing the Supplies section of our store here. Listing cabochons and making it synch with our Etsy store. Many more supplies to come.

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Resources for Jewellery Making and Glass Fusing


If you’re looking for great resources on jewellery making and glass fusing, then this the place for you.  We’re going to create some great resources. Things like reference materials, discussions on techniques and tools, product reviews, project tutorials, videos and much more. So please, try to come back often and we will have something new for you to review. Continue reading Resources for Jewellery Making and Glass Fusing

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Warning Warning!! About Micro Torches???

Micro Torch That Cought On Fire

Micro Torches are a great tool but you need to be aware that buying cheap torches from hardware or some where other than a jeweller suppliers can be risky. My experience from buying a cheap micro torch has made me realize this and that is why I’m warning you.Using a micro torch is great when soldering small jump rings and any other little soldering jobs. So I decided to purchase a micro torch but of course I was worried about money so I looked for the cheapest one I could buy. I found a micro torch with a gas torch lighter as a package for $30. This seemed such a great deal.

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Finding Silver Jewellery Making Tutorials

Looking for jewellery making and silversmith work video tutorials has been an interesting task. The videos I have found vary from free, which you usually have to watch on the site, to paying for them so you can download them for future reference. Both have proved to be valuable, so I would like to share them with you.

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Changes to My Silversmithing Workbench

Jewellers Bench Peg

For the past few months I’ve been having problems with a couple of things while working at silversmithing on my workbench. Yes, I persisted longer than I should have. It got to a point where I wasn’t looking forward to working in my studio due to these difficulties.

There had to be a fix.

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My First Attempt At Wire Wrapping

Recently, Jeff made some fused glass jewellery cabochons and asked me to make some jewellery with them. I really wasn’t sure what to do as I was used to making jewellery with stones that had holes in them. One thing I thought I could do was to wire wrap. I had never tried wire wrapping before but thought I would give it a go.

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My Stuff Ups With Silversmithing

I have been finding some learning curves with my new hobby silversmithing. I started to make a silver ring with a bezel setting so I could include a glass cab. I made the ring that went fine and I made the bezel and that was fine too. Then I had to solder the bezel to the ring that is when it all went wrong. Well doubt set in didn’t it Ha Ha!! Good old doubt, I was soldering the ring to the bezel and I believed it had soldered but then the doubt set in and I had to keep heating the join and then it happened.

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Building our Studio

Building Our Studio

Not sure if anybody is really interested, but thought I would post a little about building our studio. By the way, please excuse the photos. They were taken with an old iPhone.

The studio is for working with glass, as in glass fusing, glass slumping and glass draping. It is also a work area for Ann working with silver, copper and other metals. She has another area in the house for more assembly work to do with jewellery and other crafts.

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