Rocket & Solar System Cheeseboard – ‘Dying of the Light’


Hey, what do you expect from Rocketman? OK, a cheeseboard is a bit of an anti-climax, but my rockets are in being serviced.

So, until I get my rockets back, I thought I would make a fused glass cheeseboard. Nothing too demanding, but just a little artistic. You could also use it as a small cutting board, a fruit platter and so on.

So here is how it came about.

For the base of the board I used a squarish piece of 6mm Bullseye clear offcut. It was close to the size I wanted so needed no cutting. I say squarish because it needed a little grinding on the edges to tidy it up and make it square.

Once it was square I selected a few scraps of black and shaped them to form the rocket body and fins. For the nose cap I shaped a small piece of red.

Fused Glass Rocket Cheeseboard
Fused Glass Rocket Cheeseboard

The rocket flame was made from a piece of yellow and a smaller piece of red stacked on top.

The ‘Black Hole’ in the top left corner was a small circle of black glass surrounded by coarse blue glass frit (ground glass). The dying sun in the bottom right corner was also shaped from a small piece of black glass, placed in the corner and then finished with yellow and red glass frit.

Fused Glass Rocket Cheeseboard
Fused Glass Rocket Cheeseboard

For planets I added a couple of small black cabochons and a single blue cabochon for the blue planet. The rocket, of course, is headed for the blue planet.

Once everything was cleaned and assembled it went into the kiln for a full fuse to flatten completely. Can’t have too much texture for a cheeseboard.

Fused Glass Rocket Cheeseboard
Fused Glass Rocket Cheeseboard

You can see the board bulged around the dying sun, but this is art, and not perfection.

I love it. Hope you find some inspiration in it. Let your imagination run wild and give it a go.

BTW, all glass is Bullseye 90 COE fusible glass, and the firing schedule is below.

Firing Schedule

Full Fuse – ‘Dying of the Light’ Cheeseboard

Please be aware that all kilns fire differently and this schedule may not produce the same results in your kiln.

Segment Rate (C/hr) Target (C) Hold (mns)
1. Strain Release 222 537 10
2. Process 333 780 20
Crash Cool Open Door 550 0
3. Anneal Full 516 60
4. Cool 83 371 10

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