A Shocking Result with this Glass Fusing Project

Often when making fused glass projects there is a lot of agonising over the design. And this project was no different. But it turned out a little shocking as you’ll find out.

Follow the process and find out just what I mean by ‘shocking’. You’ll also find the technique is quite simple and doesn’t require any special equipment.

So please have a look at the video and give me your opinion on the project and the finished piece.

Mesh Melt Pattern Bar

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The video tutorial includes the design, materials, and equipment information, as well as the full process from cutting glass, firing through to the final step just before the presentation.

If you have any questions or comments, please enter them in the Comments section for the video.

The Firing Schedule for COE 90 glass is in the description for the video.

Project Information

Glass Fusing Plate Project

In the YouTube video, you will find links to related videos, a chapter list with time stamps, and links to more resources.

Don’t forget, the glass I normally use is Bullseye 90 COE. I use Thinfire fiber paper on the shelf, but when fire polishing on my shelf, and slumping in moulds, I spray with boron nitride mould release.

All relevant details are in the video.

If you have any questions please ask in the comments section for the YouTube video.

Bullseye Sheet Glass

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