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A Strip Construction Glass Fusing Part Sheet

Strip Construction Part Sheet

Glass fusing part sheets are a great way to add interesting elements to your pieces. They can be used in so many ways. It all comes down to your creativity.

In this glass fusing tutorial I will cover just one method to make a part sheet. It is simple, but very flexible and gives you many choices as far as colour combinations etc. The method is strip construction.

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Making a Fused Glass ‘Flip It’ Bowl

Fused Glass Bowl

I just love making glass art, and I especially love adding a little something extra to the pieces I make. This fused glass bowl has that litte extra, though it may not be obvious at first glance.

In this fused glass project you may have to look twice to get the message, but it is there and if you make one similar you will love the surprise comments from others when they have a second look.

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Making a Fused Glass Pattern Bar

Fused Glass Pattern Bar

Don’t you just love fused glass pattern bars? They are so versatile. You can slice them up and use them in so many projects. And the possible patterns are endless.

This post shows how I made a simple red, white and blue pattern bar.

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Laser Decal Paper FAQs

A full set of detailed Instructions comes with Fired-On Images 10-sheet pack.

Will my printer work?

Any model HP or Canon Black-Only Laser Printer or copier will work as long as it has NO capability of printing in COLOR. NO other BRANDS will work.

Why has some toner wiped off or smudged on the decal paper BEFORE Firing?

Some of the newer printers are super energy efficient and may not get hot enough to seal the image to the decal paper. Changing the “paper type” setting in the printer menu to “HEAVY Paper” will slow down the printing process and seal the toner into the decal paper securely. Use a roller (brayer) over a paper towel to remove the water and bubbles (no squeegees).

Why has my image disappeared COMPLETELY after firing?

Make sure that you are using an HP or Canon BLACK -Only Laser printer or copier to print your image. Use a fresh toner cartridge if your results fade over time. Only use authentic HP toners, no substitutes. Make sure to use only Fired-On Laser Decal Paper.

Why is my image very faint or faded AFTER firing?

Decal firing temperature is too hot. Try again at a lower firing temperature.

Why has my image wiped off or smudged AFTER firing?

Decal firing temperature too low, try again at a higher temperature.

Can my image be in color?

All images fire to a lovely sepia brown. The sepia color will change slightly depending on the color underneath the images. Color can also be added while glazing or after the decal firing in additional firings. Instructions for adding color are included in the instructions.

Will my glaze work with Fired-On Images Decals?

For best results use a NON-Moving glaze with an ON-Glaze application. Decal firing temp is dependent on the glaze/clay used. A comprehensive Firing Temp Chart is included with instructions. If your glaze looks weird or bubbly after the decal firing, then it is not compatible with a 2nd firing.

Can I use store-bought glazed ware?

Yes! For best results look for a microwave and dishwasher safe label printed on the bottom.

Resources for Jewellery Making and Glass Fusing


If you’re looking for great resources on jewellery making and glass fusing, then this the place for you.  We’re going to create some great resources. Things like reference materials, discussions on techniques and tools, product reviews, project tutorials, videos and much more. So please, try to come back often and we will have something new for you to review. Continue reading Resources for Jewellery Making and Glass Fusing

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Fused Glass Features for a Fireplace Mantle

Fuse Glass Fireplace Mantle

This is a simple little project that may give you some inspiration to use fused glass in new ways.

In our home we have a brick fireplace that has always looked quite bare. It has no mantle and really looks unfinished. So for a few years I have been looking for a suitable fireplace mantle to finish it off.

Finally, I found a very cheap, $20,  second-hand mantel that could do the job.

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Turquoise Fused Glass Honeycomb Bowl

Honeycomb Plate

This project has been hanging around on my list for some time now.  Not sure why exactly, but it may be because I knew it would be a little tedious. You will see what I mean a little later.

Anyway, the time came to give it a go.

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Coasters for Fay

Fused Glass Coasters

Is there a theme starting here? A clock for Jacob, now coasters for Fay! Mmm…maybe not.

Anyway, yes, this is a set of coasters for my sister Fay. Not the first post on coasters, but each has been a learning experience and a lot of fun making.

These had to match her kitchen decor so powder blue and white were the thing. So let’s get into it.

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Fused Glass Clock for Jacob

Fused Glass Clock

My first attempt at a clock worked out fine, for a while at least. That is until the clock fractured through the hole I had drilled the hole for the movement. It was hanging on the wall in the studio at the time so you can guess what happened when it hit the concrete floor.

Time has come for another clock. This time as a gift for my grandson Jacob.

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