Resources for Jewellery Making and Glass Fusing


If you’re looking for great resources on jewellery making and glass fusing, then this the place for you.  We’re going to create some great resources. Things like reference materials, discussions on techniques and tools, product reviews, project tutorials, videos and much more. So please, try to come back often and we will have something new for you to review. Continue reading Resources for Jewellery Making and Glass Fusing

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Fused Glass Features for a Fireplace Mantle

Fuse Glass Fireplace Mantle

This is a simple little project that may give you some inspiration to use fused glass in new ways.

In our home we have a brick fireplace that has always looked quite bare. It has no mantle and really looks unfinished. So for a few years I have been looking for a suitable fireplace mantle to finish it off.

Finally, I found a very cheap, $20,  secondhand mantel that could do the job.

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Turquoise Fused Glass Honeycomb Bowl

Honeycomb Plate

This project has been hanging around on my list for some time now.  Not sure why exactly, but it may be because I knew it would be a little tedious. You will see what I mean a little later.

Anyway, the time came to give it a go.

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Coasters for Fay

Fused Glass Coasters

Is there a theme starting here? A clock for Jacob, now coasters for Fay! Mmm…maybe not.

Anyway, yes, this is a set of coasters for my sister Fay. Not the first post on coasters, but each has been a learning experience and a lot of fun making.

These had to match her kitchen decor so powder blue and white were the thing. So let’s get into it. Continue reading Coasters for Fay

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Fused Glass Clock for Jacob

Fused Glass Clock

My first attempt at a clock worked out fine, for a while at least. That is until the clock fractured through the hole I had drilled the hole for the movement. It was hanging on the wall in the studio at the time so you can guess what happened when it hit the concrete floor.

Time has come for another clock. This time as a gift for my grandson Jacob. Continue reading Fused Glass Clock for Jacob

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Bullseye Projects, great inspiration for our Youngsters

Just discovered Bullseye Projects and had to post about it. To many times large companies just lose sight of what they are about and the influence, for the better, that they can have on our younger generation.

I have to applaud Bullseye for this initiative. Watching it gave me goosebumps. Such an opportunity for our youngsters and fantastic to see the arts supported like this.

Here in Australia I have difficulty just getting Bullseye glass and have always been envious of the opportunities in the US. This just makes me even more envious.

If only we could have something like this here in Australia. If anyone from Bullseye reads this and would like to talk to me about starting something similar here I am all ears.

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Recycled Textured Float Glass Fusing Test

Textured Float Glass Test

Curiosity finally got the better of me and I just had to test fuse some textured plate-glass. This is the type of glass used in doors, and other areas where privacy is an issue. In fact, the pieces I used came out of an old door I had sitting around under the house for some time.

So how did it go?

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A Fused Glass Bowl ‘Kawasaki Dreaming’ – Part 2

Kawasaki Dreaming - Fused Glass Bowl

In Part 2 of this post I will be covering the slumping process to make the final fused glass bowl. You may remember, this is a 245mm square bowl with a Kawasaki theme. It is made from Bullseye 90 COE glass.

The final bowl turned out fantastic, as you will see.

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Casting Glass by Bullseye Glass

If you are interested in art glass and how it is made you will love this old video about the process at Bullseye Glass, way back in 1970. I was entranced by the way they throw around molten glass, almost without care, though I am sure they took plenty of care to avoid injury.

You will see footage of Ray Alhgren, Boyce Lundstrom, Daniel Schwoerer, Ruth Brockman, Dave Kohler and others.