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Making a Silver Bracelet with Pre-Decimal Coins

Silver Coin Bracelet

A lady rang me one day asking if I would be able to make a bracelet out of some per-decimal silver coins that she had. She told me that it was for her daughters sixtieth birthday and that the dates on the coins related to her birthday. I told her that I would love to make it for her so she arranged to come around and give me the coins.

While having a conversation with her she thought that it would be a good idea to also have another bracelet made for her daughter-in-law. She had enough coins for more than one bracelet so she decided to also get me to make one for her as well. I showed her a couple of styles I could do the bracelets in. One was like a charm bracelet and the other style was a linked bracelet that joined the coins with jump rings on both sides. She decided to go with the charm bracelet style.

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