Claw Setting for a Fused Glass Cabochon, Tutorial Project

If you’ve wanted to make a pendant setting for one of those beautiful fused glass cabochons you have, this is the tutorial for you.

It’s Ann and myself in this one. We’ll be going through how Ann makes a claw setting for a fused glass cabochon. This isn’t a full detailed jewellery-making video but does cover all the steps required in making the setting.

Project Information

Claw Setting

There isn’t a lot to cover in this part of the tutorial. Most of it is covered within the video itself.

Keep in mind this isn’t a complete jewellery making tutorial, but it does include full step-by-step notes on making the setting and finishing it as a pendant.

If you want to know more about each step please ask Ann in the video comments. She’ll be more than happy to answer with as much information as she can.

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