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Constructing Part Sheet Platter ‘Sky Tracks’

Blue Fused Glass Sky Tracks

The term ‘fused glass’ really does apply to this project. It uses a ‘selected’ part of a part sheet and virgin (should I use that word) glass to construct a beautiful decorative sling platter.

Ok, I’m using a bit of artistic license here. The term ‘sling’ I use when talking about a platter that is simply a flat rectangular, or square, piece that has been slumped in the middle, like a slung hammock. Am I stretching that artistic license a bit?

Anyway, this platter uses a piece from a part sheet I posted a little while back – A Strip Construction Glass Fusing Part Sheet. I hope you find it interesting.

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Fused Glass Features for a Fireplace Mantle

Fuse Glass Fireplace Mantle

This is a simple little project that may give you some inspiration to use fused glass in new ways.

In our home we have a brick fireplace that has always looked quite bare. It has no mantle and really looks unfinished. So for a few years I have been looking for a suitable fireplace mantle to finish it off.

Finally, I found a very cheap, $20,  second-hand mantel that could do the job.

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