Fused Glass Mesh Melt Platter, Project Tutorial Part 3

Fused Glass Tutorial

This is the third and last part of that platter project using the pieces from that fused glass pattern bar made in the mesh melt project. If you haven’t already seen Part 1 of that platter project , or Part 2 I suggest you watch them first.

In this part, I’ll finish off with some coldworking and then the final slump into the platter.

The tutorial includes the design, materials, equipment information, and the full fuse to make the piece.

Project Information

Fused Glass Platter Tutorial

In the YouTube video, you will find links to related videos, a chapter list with time stamps, and links to more resources.

Just as a reminder, the glass I use is Bullseye 90 COE. On the shelf for full fusing, I use Thinfire fiber paper. When fire polishing pieces on my shelf, and when slumping in moulds, I spray with boron nitride mould release.

There isn’t a lot to cover in this part of the tutorial.

The sandblasting of the piece to remove that hazy layer took quite a while, but I wasn’t that surprised. When that layer of frit is fused it does settle into the top surface quite a bit, and sandblasting isn’t that aggressive.

Other than that, it all went well.

If you have any questions please ask in the comments section on YouTube.

💥 Fire Polish Firing Schedule

  • #1 – 222 C (432 F) up to 535 C (995 F), hold 60 minutes
  • #2 – Full up to 730 C (1346 F), hold 10 minutes
  • #3 – Full down to 482 C (900 F), hold 60 minutes
  • #4 – 65 C ( 149 F) down to 425 C (797 F), no hold
  • #5 – 132 C ( 270 F) down to 371 C (700 F), no hold

💥 Slump Firing Schedule

  • #1 – 167 C (75 F) up to 630 C (1166 F), no hold
  • #2 – Full down to 482 C (900 F), hold 60 minutes
  • #3 – 65 C ( 149 F) down to 425 C (797 F), no hold
  • #4 – 132 C ( 270 F) down to 371 C (700 F), no hold

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