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Fusing glass is a fascinating craft. It holds so many surprises in the final result, some not so good, but always very educational.

Turquoise Fused Glass Honeycomb Bowl

This project has been hanging around on my list for some time now.  Not sure why exactly, but it may be because I knew it would be a little tedious. You will see what I mean a little later.

Anyway, the time came to give it a go.

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Coasters for Fay

Is there a theme starting here? A clock for Jacob, now coasters for Fay! Mmm…maybe not.

Anyway, yes, this is a set of coasters for my sister Fay. Not the first post on coasters, but each has been a learning experience and a lot of fun making.

These had to match her kitchen decor so powder blue and white were the thing. So let’s get into it. Continue reading Coasters for Fay

Fused Glass Clock for Jacob

My first attempt at a clock worked out fine, for a while at least. That is until the clock fractured through the hole I had drilled the hole for the movement. It was hanging on the wall in the studio at the time so you can guess what happened when it hit the concrete floor.

Time has come for another clock. This time as a gift for my grandson Jacob. Continue reading Fused Glass Clock for Jacob

Layered Checkerboard Bowl

This piece was inspired by my interest in a more 3D approach to fused glass pieces, combined with a few pieces I had admired previously that displayed a beautiful repeating pattern of transmitted and reflected light.

Being a geometric guy, and looking for a simple repeating pattern, the chess board design seemed like a great starting point. I then added an easy to achieve 3D affect that I think you will like.

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